Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mik Murdoch by Michell Plested: Review

I wasn't really sure what I was expecting coming into this book, other than thinking I might not like it. Usually, I don't like books about little kids. Because usually, books about little kids are written for little kids. That is not necessarily true with this book. I mean, sure, I might not have been totally into it at the beginning, but it was a good book. I almost believed it. It could have been something that had actually happened until the whole superpowers part. But hey. It's fiction. You can't believe it all, right?
At the beginning of the book, Mik is just like any regular nine year old boy. Until, that is, he see's Spiderman for the first time, and that gets him thinking. What if he could be a superhero? That begins his journey of becoming a superhero. It may have taken a couple years, and he may have wanted to give up a couple times, but it happened. I love how he never gave up on it, when if I were in his position, I would have given up more than once, and that just shows what a good character he is. I'm not sure if you'd find many nine year old's that patient and innocent now, but hey. It happens. (:
Overall, this was a good book. And even though I might not like books about little kids, this book definitely made me think more about little kids and what they think about. It was good, and I liked it.

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