Friday, 28 June 2013

Autumn by Sierra Dean

I really liked this book. I thought it was going to be about werewolves, but no. I wasn't expecting it to be magic, either. which is crazy. I should read the description before i get a book. but anyways, this is a series I want to continue reading. and i know that doesnt happen very often, but I want there to be another book out that I can grab :P Lou and Cooper are kind of star crossed lovers, but in a Romeo and Juliet kind of way. its their families fighting, not them. it doesn't have all the suicide at the end, though. which is good. it just has memories being taken with magical powers.. which was a surprise. I wasn't aware that there was going to be actual magic in this book, thought there was going to be talk of magic only. haha. but anyways. this is a new book. thanks for letting me read it, and if you see this book you should definitely check it out! (: 


Monday, 15 April 2013

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

I am absolutely in love with this book. What could be better than zombies? Nothing! Nothing at all. I haven't read very many books with the zombie as the main character, or books where the zombies actually become people again, so this is totally unique. And it's definitely my new favourite book. I'm not going to lie, I only read this book because I saw the movie and absolutely loved it, but I'm sure I would've found this book eventually.
Because I already knew what was going to happen, most of this book wasn't very shocking. Which is alright by me. There was, however, big chunks of this book that the movie left out. Which I loved. It was like I was rediscovering the movie and I loved every moment of it. As you can tell, It took me less than a full day to read the whole book. And that's how you know it was amazing. If you haven't read this book yet, I definitely think you should. Like, go find a copy somewhere, and read it. Right now. Like right now, right now. It's amazing and I don't know how anyone could hate a single part of it. And watch the movie too, because it's pretty awesome!


Thanks for reading! (:

Poison by Chris Wooding

I think the cover on this book made my buy it more than anything, I wasn't too sure what it was about when I bought it, but I'm glad I did. Plus, $3 is always a good price for a book. Anyways. This book was kind of like inception. A story inside a story, and that was pretty awesome. You don't usually read books like that. If you couldn't tell from the four star rating, this book was pretty good. It would've been five, but it was a little choppy and hard to read. A good story though. It kept my short attention span, and I'm sure it could keep yours. You don't usually read books with fairy spelt phaerie, and I thought that was a little much. Not only that, daemon. Is that demon? Or something totally different? It was full of action, and it definitely confused me a couple times there. Not only that, though, but everyone was a dick! Makes me not want to meet fairies, or 'phaeries' at all! I liked the ending. It was interesting. The beginning was a little boring, but there always has to be an intro, right? Anyways. I'm not too sure on what else to say about this book, so I'm just going to leave it at that. It was a good book. You should definitely read it. Sorry for the crappy short review, I'm a little rusty! haha. It'll come back to me, eventually. Thanks for reading! :P


Rapture by Lauren Kate

Ugh. Anyone else think that Daniel was a total dick in this one? I'm tired of him. He's boring and he just bitches about the same things over and over again. That being said, this book wasn't too bad. It definitely wasn't the first couple ones though. Those were awesome, this one was.. worse than I thought it'd be, but maybe that's because I hadn't read the series in a while. I just, I don't know. I had higher expectations for this book and it kind of fell through. I mean don't get me wrong. It was still pretty good. The ending kind of confused me, but whatever. It was a good ending, and I'm glad it's finally over. In a good way.
There's always an angel vs. demons fight. I mean, I guess there has to be if there's going to be a book about angels, right? I just, I don't know. It wasn't as 'epic' as I was hoping it'd be. It was over too quickly, and it was unsatisfying. I wish there would've been a better storyline, I mean, it was good and all but I'm tired of the whole 'hide and seek around the world' thing. These books are always a hide and seek kind of thing, and it gets boring after a while. Anyways. Read this book. It's the last in the series, and even though it wasn't what I wanted it to be, it could be what you wanted it to be. So,
read it anyways. That's all I'm going to say.


Thanks for reading! (:

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

I wasn't really sure if I was going to like this book when I first bought it. I mean, the only reason I bought it was because it was $3 on amazon, and then when I went to value village it was like $3 there too. So I just bought it at Value Village because I love picking up books there. They're like brand new most of the time! Anyways. This book is about a girl named Elizabeth, or Liz, as she likes to be called, and she's been in a car accident and died. She doesn't understand where she is or what's happened, like most people would, I'm assuming. And she's really confused and scared about it. She goes through that whole depressing stage, wanting to go back to her life, and everything works out like it should. Well, almost. I'm not going to say anymore about it. I really liked this book. I haven't read anything like it before, and I'm not sure I will read anything like it for a long time. Which is awesome. If you haven't read this book yet, I definitely recommend you should. It's written younger than I usually like books to be, like how she acts like a child, but it makes sense in the end.


Thanks for reading! C:

Sunday, 10 March 2013

X-Men by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

I absolutely had to read this. Although, I'm not sure if I read this exact book, because I read the adult novelization, and all I could find on here was the children's novelization with pictures.. Anyways. I would have put it at five stars, but for the first half of the book the editing was shit. And this might be because I'm a total X-Men nerd, but they messed up Rogue's name, Marie, they put it as Mary. And then half way through the chapter they changed it to Marie, and then half way through the next chapter they changed it to Rogue. Crazy, right? Anyways. A funny thing in this book was how they didn't get the locations in Canada right. Apparently, where Logan was, was Alberta, British Columbia, Canada. And that was the exact location. Apparently he was split between two provinces, and he wasn't in any kind of city at all.. Which is weird. I posted a picture of it on my facebook and people thought it was funny.  But aside from those things, and a couple of the events were mixed up, this was a great book. Short, but it had the movie almost down pact. It was like I was watching the movie all over again. Definitely read it if you like movie novelization books, and if you don't, well you can always read it for fun, like I did. (: Thanks for reading!


Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

First thing first, I'd like to express how much I did not like this book. I don't know what it is that first ticked me off about it. Maybe it was the way it was written, maybe it was just the whole subject of the book, I don't know. What I do know, is that I definitely did not like this book. It was boring. It was hard to read, and I ended up skimming most of it until I was finally finished. Ugh Just Ugh. It was so dumb. I don't like it at all, and I'm dreading the next one. Lol. Don't ask why I'm still going to read the rest of the series, I just am. It's a thing that happens a lot. I DON'T LIKE IT! The characters were boring, the events that happened in the book weren't events at all, just little girls crying and bitching about the teachers. Ugh. And what was the point of this whole book? To get married? Why go to school to get married when you can just do whatever the hell you want and get married anyways. DUMB. That's all I'm going to write about this because if I write anymore I'm just going to bitch and whine. :D Also, I don't think I've ever had a one star book on my blog before! haha.