Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Cinder by Marissa Meyer : Review

In the future, there are robots, rulers, and ALIENS. What an awesome mix. I knew I'd like this book from the second I started it. Even though it's in China, I still imagined everyone to be white.. since I am a white Canadian girl. It happens. I didn't imagine everyone to be Chinese, lol. Especially the Cyborg's. Everyone was white in my mind, haha. Is that racist? I didn't think it was, but uh. Anyways. Back to the review.
I got used to the whole last name first pretty quickly, it was easy. I really hated Pearl and Adri, but I'm sure everyone did. They're awful people and I really wanted Cinder to backhand them a couple times. Especially with her robot hand. Wouldn't that have been awesome? I was literally shaking a couple times there. Lol. I know, I overreact to books. But it happens when you get sucked into one like that.
I know it says that I started reading this on September 7th, and I really did. School started, and the first thing I did was go to the school library. I mean, hey, it's free books. I read the first couple chapters that day, and then I forgot it in my locker. For two months. And I want to say it wasn't totally my fault, that I moved into other people's locker's a couple times, but I really need some extra remembering power. (Anyone got any to spare?) And then I brought it home, and finished it. In like a day. Which is crazy, because that was a big book! That just shows how awesome it was. (;
The character's were awesome. I'm hoping there's another one of these books somewhere. I really want to keep reading. (isn't that the worst) But if that's not possible, I'm sure I can wait. distract myself with other books. It's not like I have a shortage of those things, ugh. If you haven't read it yet I definitely recommend it. Even if you don't like the whole in the future, space and robots kind of scene. READ IT AND LOVE IT. lol :P
Another thing. I was not expecting that ending. Like. At all. I mean, I was kind of thinking about it, but no. Not the full blown thing. So, watch out for that. lol :P





Thanks for reading! <3

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