Friday, 2 November 2012

The New Kid by Temple Matthews : Review

I got an arc copy of this book from Thanks for that, by the way. (:

Sometimes, moving is a good thing. Especially in Will's situation. What he does requires him to move all the time, and he's not always especially happy about it. To keep the ones he cares about the most alive, though, he has too. And that, makes for the beginning of an awesome book. Just moving in, he knows how everything goes. Tip the contractors, tip the movers, and most of all, tip everyone else involved in the house. Though I'm not really sure how a 16 year old boy could get all that money and figure out how to rebuild his house every time he moves, I didn't really mind that I didn't know every little detail. I just, you know. Wish he was a little bit older, haha. Anyways. He's like, some kind of insane ass-kicking superhero, except not a superhero in the normal terms. He's just really awesome at fighting, and he makes his own weapons. Kind of a younger Bruce Wayne, if you will. WHICH IS SO AWESOME. It's like batman, except in high school. And he fights demons, not crazed murderers. Not that that isn't cool. BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME.

I really liked this book, and I think I'm going to go try and find the next one. I'm sure I saw it on the Netgalley site. I really hope I did. Because that would be the best thing ever. :D I think everyone would like this book, and I'm hoping that this review helps people figure that out! I wasn't sure what it was about before I started reading it, but that's not always a bad thing. I do it all the time. ;D But anyways. CHECK OUT THIS BOOK. Just. Do that one thing for me. :D

Thanks for reading!

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