Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young

I'm going to be totally honest here. I thought this was going to be a sex book. And because of that, I was a little unsure if I should read it. Lucky for me, I read up on it again before actually reading it. Yay. It wasn't a sex book. I'm happy about that. Those kind of make me uncomfortable, because this one time I saw like an 80 year old women in the sex book section of a book store and I was like. Uhh. Kay. And then I left. But anyways. Back to the review.
I literally read this whole book in one sitting. It was awesome! I definitely couldn't put it down, and I could not pull myself out of this book. I mean. Foster care, Ditched as a child, and Confusing things are happening? I love books like that. I especially liked this book because even though it jumped right into the story like we were supposed to know the characters already, I dunno. It just kind of worked this time. Usually I'm totally lost but in this book, it just sucked me in even more. Which is awesome. I'm going to read the other one for sure. Angels aren't one of my favourite subjects. Maybe because I'm not into that whole bible thing. I mean, sure, it's interesting, but I always seem to get a little bored with the whole idea. Definitely not with this book. It's a whole other take on the angels and demons thing. They're actually helping people in this book, instead of just standing back and watching things go down the drain. It might be hard and they are eventually forgotten, but at least they're making a difference.
You should definitely check out this book if you haven't already! :D


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