Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Heal by Kirsty James: Review

Got this book on Smashwords.com,
It's really good!
You should definitely check it out.

So there's Elena.
She has just moved into this little town
With her poultry farming grandma.
She get's a job working at a bookstore.
Makes some friends,
And makes some enemies.
Sounds normal, right?

She has some kind of power
(That she didn't really explain)
And uses it to heal people.
Did you ever see that movie 'Paul'?
She has that power.
So the damage reflects onto her.

Joe, her newly found love,
Is shocked when he hears about her power.
(anyone would be shocked,)
And doesn't let her heal him.
Which is understandable.
He doesn't want to hurt her.

Something I didn't like about this book is
When it randomly skipped from going to work,
All the way over to being in the hospital.
We missed so much!
Poor Frankie.
We missed your big scene!

Anyways, I'm not going to say how the ending went,
But it was really sweet.
Everyone was happy.

Read this book if you want to read something different,
It's really fresh and also sweet.
You know.
You should read this book! :D


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