Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tattoo Heaven by Lori Weber: Review


I really didn't know why I didn't finish this book sooner.
It was awesome!
Tattoos, Stupid boys, AND Cancer? Whaat.!

Jackie's parents are split up.
During the summer, she visits her dad and his new girlfriend often,
And she makes a new friend across the street when
Her mom gets a cleaning job working for a busy lady.
Theresa has cancer, and her mom wants everything
To be absolutely Spotless 24/7, and it takes up all of her time.

Jackie's dad is dating a young, blond, tattoo artist.
She's french, and her dad is absolutely loving her.
Jackie feels left out, and when she's feeling rebelious one day,
She asks Amanda to give her a tattoo.
A butterfly.
Right in an awkward place that would probably hurt alot.
So. You know.
Not very fun.

Jackie's boyfriend is a total D-bag.
And he's in a band.
So. Not cool.

This book is basically about how being happy makes you better.
Cancer wise, Mentally wise, and anything else you can think of - wise.
You need to get rid of the people who treat you badly,
And when you do that, you need to help the people
Who need help most.

I'm almost 100% sure that this is a Canadian Book.
So, If you like Canadian books, (depends)
You should read this.
Make your country happy.
Or, if you like books that are about happy, (lolz.)
Read this!
Just, you know.
Read it.

Kaythanks. C:

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