Saturday, 21 April 2012

That's it?

The series that had to stop.
We all have them.
But if there was a series that you could add another book to,
Which series would it be and why?
If there was a series that you could remove a book from,
Which one would that be and why?

I can't actually think of another series that needed another book.
I looked through my whole bookshelf on goodreads,
and All the books in my house.
I can't figure it out.
I'm just going to leave this as it is.

For the other question,
I would probably remove the last book in the Uglies series.
It had almost nothing to do with the other books,
And I was so confused when I started reading it.
It just didn't make any sense with the rest of them.

What would you chose? (:
Also. Pikachu is the best.

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