Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan: Review

I absolutely love how all of these books fit together <3
It just makes me want to read them all again.
I'm hoping this isn't the last one!
And if it is, damn. I wish there was another one i could read.
What an awesome ending.
I was sure Annah was going to die a couple times there..
But she didn't! cause she's awesome. :D

I'm so glad my dad got me started on this series.
At first I wasn't sure I'd like them,
Seeing as I hadn't really read any zombie books before.
But man, once i started I couldn't stop! hah.
The weird thing was, that at the end I was listening to nevershoutnever!
what an odd combination, zombies and christopher drew. C:

Annah was really awesome.
And the ending totally made sense.
I mean, I always kind of thought that there would be a puzzle piece.
That it would circle back to the first book.
I just forgot about Jacob. hah poor lil' guy..

Carrie Ryan never disappoints in this series,
And I think that everyone should read her books. :D
They're really awesome, and they'll have you addicted from the first page! (:
You'll be stuck on zombies forever!
So, yeah you should definitely read this.
For sure.

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