Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wings by Aprillyne Pike: Review

This book was... Different.
I think that's a good word to explain it.
Though well written, I didn't really get the point..
I mean. Hey. She's different.
Like every single other main character.
Sure, She's a fairy.
That's cool,
And okay. She blossoms.
But what did that blossom even do for her,
Besides create an awkward situation that I'm surprised no one noticed?
I mean. If you had a flower growing out of your back,
Wouldn't someone notice?
I thought she would look like a hunch back with it all tied down.
But hey.
It was different.
And thats all that matters, right?

There's this girl.
And she's really tiny.
She doesn't bleed,
And she's really confused.
So she starts public school.
Meets this guy,
Makes some friends,
And figures out herself.
Most things like this happen in a typical young adult book.
Which is crazy.
I don't even get what that was for.

I knew this book was about fairies from the second I picked it up.
Just looking at the cover I knew.
I didn't even have to read the back.
So, Since May is Fairy month, I decided to read it.
That and it was laying around my computer forever. hah.

I didn't really know what to expect picking this up
I mean.
I haven't really read that many books about fairies,
So I didn't know.. what to expect. haha.
Hurray for repeating myself!
That's probably a sign I should stop.

Read this book if you want to read something about fairies.
I think that's it.
Kaythanks <3

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