Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry: Review

Honestly, this book was alright.
I was disappointing that Jonah's story wasn't even related to this book,
Because I really wanted to know more about him.
On the other hand,
This was an alright book.
It showed how even if you're different and aren't good at the things that everyone is good at,
Like walking,
You can still make a big impression on people.

I wasn't able to relate to Kira in this book.
Sure, she has a gimp leg that she can't walk on,
But the people in the town still wanted her gone.
Even if she could sew, which I thought was a big idea.

So. Overall,
This book isn't really something I'd recommend.
It was good, But I just really wasn't feeling it.
I mean, sure.
The only reason I read it, was because I read The Giver,
And I was hoping it would be like that book.
The only thing the two had in common, was that both of their towns/cities were cut off from everything else.
The story kind of fell through.
I thought that something big an exciting would happen,
But no.
Just a long lost family member.
I mean, sure. That's a big deal.
But nothing was really that exciting in this book.
I might've put four stars, but trust me.
It wasn't because of the action in this book.

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