Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Everlasting by Alyson Noel: Review

Here's the thing.
It's not that this was a bad book,
I'm sure there are lots of people that were totally in love with it.
It's just that there are some parts,
(and by some I mean more than just some)
that didn't make sense,
or there were parts that i couldn't really read because they were..
too detailed? is that the word?
probably not. hah.
But yeah.
Most of the time when Ever was talking,
I couldn't see anyone saying any of it.
Never ever ever.
And that's weird, because
Not one thing that came out of her mouth made sense to me.
Just like most of this review.
So, If you'll excuse me,
I'm just going to change the subject. hahah.

This book fell short of my expectations.
I thought, because of everyone pumping it up,
That it was going to be epic.
And some people thought it was.
But I just thought that the adventure scenes sort of
Copied each other,
And where they should have maybe been a chapter,
It was only like a page.
That's annoying.
When she just crams as much as she can into a page..
It doesn't help with my short attention span. :P

Although I gave it four stars,
I'm being generous.
I don't like being mean. haha.
And also, I'm sure there will be people chewing me apart if I put it lower.
But that's not the whole reason.
It's also because, honestly, I liked the end.
And not because it was the last book.
I liked it because it was a cute ending.
That's about it.
Not as good as the other books,
But still alright.

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