Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Glitch by Heather Anastasui: Review

First things first.
I would like to thank the publisher and netgalley for letting me read this early.
It was awesome.
Like. So awesome.
Like. So awesome, you don't even know. haha.

Now, Onto the review.
This book is set in a future where everyone is robot-like.
They have chips inserted into the back of their necks, and anywhere else they can control them.
So basically, they're just puppets used to create things for people.
They live underground, and are 'perfect'.
There may not be any wars, any fighting, but the people have no control.
Over anything.
Not even themselves.
They can't see colour,
They can't taste things, and
They have no emotions.
Which might be a good thing sometimes,
But trust me.
In this book,
It is definitely a bad, bad thing.

Thinking that she's the only one glitching,
Zoel Q-24 struggles to stay off of the radar.
Yes, She has a weird name.
I mean, that's not even a last name.
But hey, they are almost robots, and this is the future.
Who knows what names will turn into?
Until she starts to freak out one day while she's in for a checkup,
She really doesn't know what's happening.
All she knows, is that there's a boy following her,
And she can't escape the power's that she's developing.

This book was exciting, and it was full of things I never thought would happen.
I didn't suspect that the things that happened,
Were going to happen,
And I loved it.
Honestly. I couldn't put it down. :D
Well, Except when my laptop died.
But you get the point.
The characters were awesome,
And the plot twists kept me engaged.
What more could you ask for? :D

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