Thursday, 14 June 2012

Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella: Review

First of all.
Always look at a book before you buy it.
Not that I wasn't going to buy it,
Just that I didn't know it was the 4th book..
I've only read the first one.
But it was pretty awesome, none the less. :D

Now I've gotta watch out for the second and third books,
Because I still need to read those.
But that's alright,
Because I got this at the Salvation Army.
For like a dollar.

Becky and Luke are finally on their 10 month long honeymoon.
Man, If only I had the money.
I would totally go on an extra long vacation.
And guess where they went?

Honestly, I wasn't really expecting this.
That's probably because I didn't know it was the fourth book,
But still.
What a shock I got.
But anyways.
It was a really good book.
Becky is an ecstatic character,
And I think I would love to know someone like that.

There was good parts, and there was bad parts,
And although there weren't really badly written parts,
I can't say I didn't love every part in this book.
Maybe when she was whining.
That got old.. really fast. haha.

So. Read this book if you like something different.
And I'm sure this is the only 'adult' series I read.
Which is a good thing.
Maybe this can transition me into adult fiction. :P
Not sure I'm ready for that!
But yeah,
This is an awesome series. Haha.
I always laugh. :P

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