Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Holy balls. I'm so glad that this series is here, I was seriously missing the vampire academy books. It might've been weird with Sydney in the books since I don't remember her very well, But that's okay. She's pretty awesome. BUT ADRIAN?! I effing love him. He is seriously my favorite. Like aweh, he's so cute sometimes. Total book crush right here. ;D I don't even care that he's not real. I'd love to have a friend like that. I mean, not saying I would replace any friends of mine with him, But It'd still be pretty cool.
I did not expect that ending. Not just the last couple pages, but I that hole ending. It was insane. I didn't even know what was happening until it was too late. I was seriously like, wait, what just happened?! This book sucked me in from the beginning, and even though I started it after I started my other books, I just knew I had to finish it first. Which is really awesome. That's why if you haven't read this book yet, you have to read it right away. :D
I've hated Sydney's dad from the beginning. Like what a d-bag. WHO DOES THAT!? Obviously not a good dad. I mean, if my dad did that to me, I'd just be pissed at him. Like all the time. Also, I don't really get why they were being so stingy with her. Like hey, come on. She's obviously an awesome alchemist. Also, Who replaces their family with some kid?! I guess her dad does, even though he's totally oblivious to the fact that Keith's a total douche.. lol. I guess same attracts same in this situation, am I right?
There is so much I could say about this book, but unfortunately only this much is spewing out of my brain and into my fingers. Which, might I say, almost never happens. So this is a good thing. :D Now to finish those other books I'm reading. Lol. SO BORING SOMETIMES.. Ugh. whatever. I'm sure they're awesome. (especially the zombie one. ;D)

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