Monday, 7 January 2013

Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

Why! Why does it have to be over! I really wish I would've read this slower. Damn. It would have lasted longer. I'm really torn up about this being over, I really am. This is definitely one of my favourite series' and I never wanted it to end. But hey, they have to end sometime, right? If they don't they just go on and on and on.. and then before you know it you're resenting even starting it. *cough* HoN *cough*... Pshh. What? I didn't say anything.
I'm really happy with that ending. None of the characters changed drastically, but they still changed. It was a good kind of change. Also? If you haven't noticed yet I've got a big book crush on patch. He's really awesome. haha. But yeah. I really didn't want it to be over.
Nora's discovered a lot about herself through these three books, and I love how she did it. I might not have loved the beginning of the third book, but I can say I am still head over heels for the series itself. I know that sounds cheesy, but how else can I explain it? I'll probably re-read the series sometime in the future. It was the first fallen angel series I've ever read, and probably my favourite. I love Becca Fitzpatrick for this series alone, and I hope she more great books that I can fall in love with. (: I don't really know what else to say. Read this series if you haven't already, dammit! bahah. <3


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