Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kisses From Hell by Kristin Cast

I'm not really a big fan of short stories, because they're usually rushed and crammed full of details that no one needs to know. That's only the case for a couple of these stories, though. They were good. I didn't really like all of them, and I know that they were supposed to be short and sweet, but I dunno. Some of them were just missing something. It's a little hard to explain, haha. I honestly wish that some of the authors in this book would just start fresh, instead of writing about a series that has gone on forever. And I mean, there was really only one person who didn't write about a series. Kristen Cast. I was not expecting that. I loved her story. I wish she would write her own series, without her mom. I love her writing style and her ideas, and she should just show those off by herself instead of working with other people.
There are a couple of stories in this book that I just blew through, and that's not always a good thing. A couple of these stories were really boring. It was like they were just adding onto an already too long series.. Which I definitely did not like. I mean, sure. Sometimes you don't want series' to end. I know the feeling. But there are just some books that you wish could be over and done with, and adding a bunch of short stories onto it does not make me feel any better about it. Just come up with something else and stop dragging it on maybe? haha.
Don't get me wrong, I did like this book. It was good and I liked all of the authors in it. It was great. Just had to say something about those couple stories that really bugged me. <3

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