Thursday, 19 July 2012

This Flawless Place Between by Bruno Portier: Review

I received this book through a first reads giveaway, and not onto the review.
 Huh. Don't get me wrong, this was a good book. It just wasn't really my thing. It was interesting enough, but I couldn't really get into it all that well. I mean, hey. The afterlife is only an interesting topic for so long. The story kept bouncing around and around and it was hard to stay connected to the book, if that makes sense. The main character was in an accident, and she died. For some reason they kept her dead body in a sleeping bag... and her boyfriend/husband (I don't really know which one,) kept like. Cuddling her dead body. It was kind of gross, and I thought he was going crazy after a while..
I really don't know what to say. Hardly any of this stuck in my brain, Except for the car accident scene's. Don't ask why, those were just really visual and chose to stay... lol. I don't really get who that Henry guy was, I mean, was he Lucy's biological father? Or was he just another guy?
I think I'm going to stop. I was going to put three stars, but it was well written. Somethings didn't really add up though, so I'll just leave it at four. lol. Read this if you want to read a book about Buddhism (I think, not totally sure about that one,) and about a different view on the afterlife. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting. Just.. not for me.

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