Friday, 27 July 2012

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr: Review

 What can I say. It was like the other fairy books I've read. Only, those didn't HAVE AN AWESOME PIERCING KID in them. Seriously, I wish I had a friend like Aislinn had. Is that even how you spell her name? All I know is that it was supposed to be something like Ashlinn, but it was all weird. Like not even the normal weird. Like totally wack.. If that makes sense. I felt really bad for Seth at the end there, I mean. Getting his eyebrow bar ripped out? I know what that feels like. Only. With my lipring. And it wasn't all the way out. But you get what I mean. Plus, how could you fight a cutie like him? An Awesome cutie like him, I should say. I totally have a book crush. If that wasn't obvious by now, ;D
I didn't really get Aislinn as a character... She was an orphan, but she wasnt really. I don't know how her mom died.. I don't know who her dad is, and I really don't know anything about her. Except that she goes to a church school... Am I even spelling her name right? Because I don't even know. Like that's how little I know about her. Not really something you want for a main character... Oh, I also know that she wants to get a labret piercing... but that might just be because I pay attention to things like piercings and tattoos.. and hair. So. There's that. Did anyone else find that about this book? I seriously know more about Seth than I know about her.
Keenan, on the other hand, I got. Kind of. I'm not totally sure about that one. He's kind of.. like just another guy in the book. Who also happens to be a main character, and really important to the story. See? That's what bothered me about this book. I didn't really get to know anyone at all. I hope someone besides me noticed that...It was pretty annoying.
Overall, it was good. I might not have gotten all of it, like what was she really drinking? Was it booze, or was it something magical? Maybe both? And what happened to her Gram? I don't even know. So. There's that. I think that's all Im going to put about that, Because I'm running out of things to say. The characters were... interesting, I guess. The story was pretty solid, and even though there wasn't really that much back story, (like how it just jumped in at the beginning and expected me to know everyone already) it was pretty good. So 4 stars. :D

Thanks for reading!

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