Sunday, 30 December 2012

Infected by Scott Sigler

Holy eff. This book was awesome. I know I couldn't really get into it at the start, but I knew it was going to be good. I was expecting young adult before I really looked into it, (mostly because someone shelved it as so in Value Village) but sometimes you need a break from ya, you know?  This was an awesome break. I thought it would be zombies, but it was more parasitic zombies than anything. The author compared the virus/parasite to the virus Leucochloridium paradoxum. It takes over the host's brain and urges it to commit suicide, and then travels from species to species. It was awesome to see that in a book.

I could tell that this book was more written for men, than anything. Especially when there was a parasite in his .. junk area. bahah. I had to ask my dad who mostly read horror, because I couldn't really relate to the part where he cut off his own wiener with chicken scissors. Lol. But whatever. It was kind of graphic. Aside from that part, which might I say was written for shock factor, it was an awesome book. I definitely recommend it, no matter what other review may claim. It's exciting. Just read it already! :P


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