Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

First of all, I'd like to say that I understand where Sydney is coming from. If I were her, I'd be a little scared around vampires too. I mean, sure, I'd get used to them, but I'd still be scared. I mean, come on. They're blood sucking, magic using, immortal if they're bad, people that look like people. You get what I mean? That being said, I still probably would have gone after Adrian if I were her. He's awesome. And he wants to hang out all the time. Also? He stands up for people and things. Who wouldn't love that?
This book was action packed, and pretty awesome. I wasn't quite sure on who this Brayden kid was, but I'd never date him if I were Sydney. I mean, sure, he likes all the same stuff and does all the same stuff as her, but as soon as i figured out that that was all he was going to talk about all the time, I would definitely have broken it off. I'm not really sure why Sydney cried after, but I guess it was for the better. Now. In the next book I'm hoping her and Adrian get together. How cute would that be? (:
I like how there was another 'section', lets call it, of the Alchimists, but there's always a churchey side of something or another, right? Though, I'm still not really clear on what Trey had to do with it, aside from being in it. He seemed like he didn't really want to be in there with them. I wish that Sydney would be a little more into the whole magic thing with the teacher, but I guess she's like, offended or something by it. Oh well. I'm sure that awesome thing will grow on her. :D
I think that's all I'm going to write. It's an awesome book, by an awesome writer, who writes awesome series'. Is that even a word? Probably. Whatever. It was awesome, anyways. If I hadn't said it enough. :P You should definitely read it if you read the Vampire Academy  books, and even if you haven't you should read it. (:



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