Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This was a good book. And if my kobo would've loaded the pages a little faster, I would've finished it a lot sooner. what can I say. I like werewolves. And this book was about werewolves, so it just made it more interesting. It was full of action, and although the insta-love pissed me off a little, this book sucked me in until the very end.
I still don't really get the whole ' I was raised by wolves so now I've got super powers that none of them have. ' thing, she wasn't even really raised by wolves. She was raised by a human, and the wolves kind of sort of taught her how to fight other wolves. that doesn't mean she should be able to have weird mind powers, it means she should be able to fight. Oh, and also? She needs to be a little older. Apperently she was 14 at the beginning of this book and she walked and talked and acted like someone who was 18 or 19. Which can't be. WHY ARE PEOPLE MAKING THEIR CHARACTERS SO YOUNG NOW. It's weird. I might only be 16 now, but trust me. I didn't act like that when I was 14.
Those were really the only bad things. I liked the rest of the book. I thought she would go to school more, but she didn't. I guess 14 year olds don't have to go to school if they don't want to anymore? lol. whatever. But that's basically why it's only four stars. Which trust me, is still pretty damn good.


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